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Brett Setzer

Banjo and Vocals:

     Brett is as self taught banjo player with a unique sound and style, bringing a touch of the past in his playing with passion and conviction. He learned the love of music from his father Steve(Old Man)Setzer who also taught him how to play the Bass. Brett brings his old school hard driving style to JTR but also a tasteful and lighter touch when it is needed.  In his playing you can hear and feel the love of music, and see a banjo player formed in the roots of straight old school Bluegrass.  Brett is almost always smiling on stage and brings a lot of life and fun to the JTR shows. 


Brett endorses Curt Mangan Strings and Red Eye Instrument Pre Amplifiers.  Click HERE to try his Signature String Set.  Use promo code "SETZER20" (all caps) at checkout and receive 20% off your entire order at  

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