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 Against Nicholson

"I want to raise awareness of Marsupials of all kinds...  I've always had a deep love and infatuation with marsupial animals (ones with pockets)... I feel connected to them..."

Shannon Leasure

Our Mission...

Our mission is to get gas for the JTRvan... so we can drive around at night and pick up opossum that are trying to cross the road, we also like to get bandaids if we get bit.. sometimes they get a little irritated when we try to move em.  We also would like to raise awareness of all marsupials in the greater Haywood, Buncombe and McDowell Counties and get people to stop eating them.

Who We Are

Shannon Leasure

My love for marsupials can only be outdone by my love for Music... but not much...

How to Help...

Give to the JTRvan Account.. That's how we go out hunting the Opossum at night... we use the van when Brett is finished delivering mattresses.

Darren Nicholson

We love this guy but he eats opossum... we hope to change his ways and maybe even have him as a member someday...

Scan to Contribute

Disclaimer:  from the law offices of Dewey, Cheatum and Howe... Shannon Leasure and Darren Nicholson or the artist hence forth know as these guys , don't actually have a dispute.. they are not in a court battle in Haywood County over "Opossum Squatters Rights", They have NOT been in a physical altercation at the Lexington Holiday Inn.  This foundation does not actually exist and if you send any money it will not be used to save opossums, kangaroos, or any other native or non-native marsupials.  Any money given will be used to buy gas for the van and support the used mattress legal action we have going on right now.

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