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Gabriel Wiseman


Mandolin and Vocals:

    Gabriel has been playing music for around 22 years and in that time he has recorded two solo albums as well as an album with The Wind Riders Bluegrass Band.  His rhythmic mandolin back up helps to provide the drive to The JackTown Ramblers sound.  Gabriel provides most of the lead vocals for the band and hold his own when it comes to providing the mandolin solo duties.  Gabriel comes from a long line of well respected and known bluegrass musicians including his father David Wiseman, Lula Belle & Scotty Wiseman and the late Billy Constable.  Gabriel hosts several bluegrass jams in the western NC area and gives mandolin, guitar and bass lessons.  find our more using the link below to his webpage.

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Gabriel endorses Curt Mangan Strings, Red Eye Instrument Pre Amplifiers and uses Peak Design Bags Click HERE to try his Signature Set.  Use promo code WISEMAN20 (all caps) at checkout and receive 20% off your entire order at  

Gabriel Wiseman Logo Design provided by Australian artist and graphic designer


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